Great Websites – free e-books, quotes, biographies, etc. – poems, poets, etc. – important information for living the spiritual life according to the ancient and profound principles of the Hindu Religion – free books, etc – free books, etc – free online encyclopaedia with loads of information on all topics
- a youth health and life issue information service

Attitude - a website 'for your head' tackling youth issues in your everyday life 

 The Word - questions answered about sex, life and relationships 

Trippin' - created by Taranaki youth to help figure out what's going on when your life feels a bit 'out of it' 

Young Minds - UK charity committed to supporting the mental health of all children and young people 

Teenage Grief Centre - providing expertise for those giving grief support to bereaved teens (USA)

Starbright - for kids and teens living with serious illnesses can connect 

Growing Up With Medical Problems - for kids and teens

Puzzles, pictures and paper airplanes -   
Young Carers - a site for teens caring for someone ill or disabled